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What will you do when you are left alone in your partner's apartment for the day?
Are you cleaning up after yesterday's party, respecting your partner's personal items, stirring the Chili, and waiting for them to return?
Or are you going to snoop around, ignoring the Chili, making a mess, and exploring the private belongings of your partner?
The choice is yours, but there's a thin line between being respectful and being insolent, and you could easily step over the line.

A Thin Line
is an atmospheric game about trust, assumptions, and seeing parts of the whole in a relationship.

The game explores how we act when we are left alone in our partner's apartment, through a self-reflectional and emotional story.

It is a first-person, single-player computer game for OS X and Windows.

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  • Engaging exploration that simulates everyday life, giving the player ability to interact with almost all of the items in the game.
  • Riveting personal stories to be revealed when looking through personal items.
  • First-person protagonist without any significant characteristics, allowing the player to fully relate to the character and immerse themselves in the story.
  • Scandinavian student apartment with beautiful hipster-aesthetics.

The Team Behind A Thin Line

Sarah Zimmerdahl Josefsen - Creative Director, Game Designer & CG Artist

Daniel Sørensen - Lead Programmer

Maria Venborg - QA Manager, Game Designer & CG Artist

Jonas Schneider - Art Director & Lead CG Artist

Angela Clara Manna - Product Manager & Game Designer

Kristian Rømer - Audio Designer & Technical Artist


A_Thin_Line_Windows.zip 105 MB
A_Thin_Line_Mac.app.zip 109 MB


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Amazing game!